‘There is no Wealth but Life’

प्रिय आगन्तुक, जाॅन रस्किन स्वनिर्माणशाला की वॅबसाइट पर आपका हार्दिक स्वागत है।

‘…It is proposed to better the condition of the labourer by giving him higher wages. ‘Nay’, says the economist,- ‘if you raise his wages, he will either people down to the same point of misery at which you found him, or drink your wages away.’ He will. I know it. Who gave him this will? Suppose it were your own son of whom you spoke, declaring to me that you dared not take him into your firm, nor even give him his just labourer’s wages, because if you did he would die of drunkenness, and leave half a score of children to the parish. ‘Who gave your son these dispositions?’- I should enquire. Has he them by inheritance or by education? By one or other they must come; and as in him, so also in the poor. Either these poor are of a race essentially different from ours, and unredeemable, or else by such care as we have ourselves received, we may make them continent and sober as ourselves- wise and dispassionate as we are- models arduous of imitation…’