1. The Moral Question; or, Duties to One’s Selves

‘An essay, advancing a greater need of poetical consistency in one’s philosophy; in particular, by way of attempting to arrive at solutions to the problems of old age and domestic felicity, a clarification of one’s relations to, or the scope of one’s duties towards, those presently most pressingly resembling aspects of one’s world, namely one’s family and one’s nation.’


Author: Arjun Jain
Language: English
Number of Pages: 111 (Hardback)
Dimensions:13.4x 19.8 cm
₹200 (Digital printing, stitch-binding, hard-covering; as at the time of the 1st printing, September 2017, New Delhi)

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2. Prudence and Jurisprudence

‘A work in verse and prose, consisting principally of the poem, Farewell, Britannia, on an instance of seemingly insurmountable inequality, with questionable origins, from the point of view of to whom is it subjected; in particular, the consideration of the issue of deprivation of freedom of movement, or visa restrictions, with an aim of arriving at an individual position on the matter, and an appropriate response in light of it.’



Author: Arjun Jain
Language: English/ Early Modern English
Number of Pages: 164 (Paperback)
Dimensions: 21 x 29.7 cm
£10 (£8, printing; £2, Fastback binding; as at the time of the 1st printing, Aug. 2016, London);
£9.93 (£5.775, printing; £2.5, Fastback binding; 20% VAT; as at the time of the 2nd printing, Sep. 2016, London)
₹230 (₹160, printing; ₹70, thermal binding; as at the time of the 3rd printing, March 2017, New Delhi)

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